Evan Davis

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Come see Evan in a staged reading of the new play The Oppenheimer.
April 5th at 10 pm
Dixon Place Theatre - 161A Chrystie Street

Evan is studying with Roger Hendricks Simon and the Simon Studio.

Watch Evan in Quantum Heroes: FDNY Superstorm Sandy:

Catch Evan on The Animal Planet's Monsters Inside of Me. He plays a father who has a son with a rare parasite disease called Guillain-Barre. He also just booked a role on the Discovery ID Channel as a detective who cracked a case involving a serial killer in Vancouver. Both of these were based on true stories.

Evan will also be appearing in another run of Nothing Means Nothing. The play is meant to bring awareness to the issue of PTSD, and the staggering rate of suicide among veterans who return from war. Stay tuned for details.

Read about Evan in The Daily News: